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Harnessing Learning to Get the Performance Your Business Needs

We believe that people are the key to a business’s success. For your company to reach its goals, it will need all its employees to perform at the highest level. That’s where we come in. At Judge Learning Solutions, we are passionate about learning and the impact it can have on people and their companies. Whether you need us to find you an instructional designer, manage your learning resources, or create custom training, we will be there to partner with you. You need learning support. We love learning. It’s a great match. Read on to find out more about us.



Once you determine your strategy, it is time to start planning how to implement it. The Plan stage of the Lifecycle has you review your resources and determine the best course of action to take. This stage will vary in effort required based on the size of the organization, program, or curriculum being planned. Common activities during this stage include:

  • Designing Enterprise-wide Training Rollouts 
  • Creating Curriculum Maps 
  • Managing Training Implementation Logistics 
  • Documenting Learning Roadmaps 
  • Determining a Vendor Management Plan


  • Conducting a Needs Analysis 
  • Designing a Change Management Strategy 
  • Creating Competency Profiles


  • Creating Custom Learning Assets 
  • Hiring Temporary or Permanent Learning Professionals 
  • Using Professional Training Facilitators 
  • Implementing Learning Events (Including Academies and Bootcamps)


Learning solutions are valuable only if they change performance to meet the needs of the business. And the only way to know if the business needs have been met is to evaluate their results. The Evaluate stage of the Lifecycle provides you an opportunity to measure the learning and determine how it has impacted your business. Common activities in this stage include:

  • Evaluating the Impact of a Course on Performance 
  • Assessing the On-the-Job Performance of Employees 
  • Measuring the Impact of Learning Assets on the Organization

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Learning solutions add value to businesses when there is a clear strategy about their application. The Strategize stage of the Lifecycle is your opportunity to decide what is needed to increase performance and set up a structure that you can follow. Common activities during the stage include:

A clear strategy and strong plan make the Execute phase of the Lifecycle easy to implement. This stage includes any actions or resources required to create and implement a learning solution. Common activities in this stage include:

Talent Development Lifecycle

Learning isn’t just creating a class and hoping people get something out of it. For learning solutions to successfully develop your talent, you must have a vision of how learning will support your business goals. When we think about learning solutions, we consider all aspects of the Talent Development Lifecycle and how they will support you and your learners.